Morgan Blue Syn Lube 125cc. MB-43102020

Syn Lube

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube 125cc. MB-43101520

Extra Dry Lube 125cc

Morgan Blue MultiSpray 400cc. MB-43105040

Multi Spray

Syn Lube


Morgan Blue Syn Lube 125cc is a lubricant with high quality mineral additives and synthetic oil for excellent protection against water and oxidation.

Perfect for all type of bikes.

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-Lubrication for the chain, derailleurs and transmission.

-This lubricant is ideal for road and in rainy and humid conditions.

-To achieve a good result it is necessary to repeat the lubrication every 300 km.

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Discipline Cyclocross, Enduro, eEnduro, eMTB, Fixie, Gravel, MTB, Off Road, Road, Track, Triathlon, Urban
Size 125cc
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