Rotor Q Rings BCD110x4 12-12s Outer

ROTOR Q Rings BCD110x4 12-11s

ROTOR Round Ring DM 2X

ROTOR Round Rings DM 2x

Rotor Round Rings BCD110x4 12-11s shimano compatible

ROTOR Round Rings BCD110x4 12-11s

ROTOR Q Rings BCD110x4 12-11s

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ROTOR Q Rings BCD110x4 12-11s.  Q RINGS BCD110x4 12-11s oval chainrings compatible with all ROTOR cranks using BCD 110x4 spider and INspider power meter in combination with Shimano® 2x12s or 2x11s groupsets.

In addition, these chainrings are also compatible with Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-R9200-P, FC-R9200, FC-R9100 and Ultegra® FC-R8100, FC-R8000 cranksets, offering fast and precise shifting while keeping weight very low.

Q RINGS oval chainrings allow you to pedal more efficiently, taking advantage of the maximum power of your pedaling and reducing the stress on your knees. Q RINGS offer a healthier pedaling.

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Rotor Q Rings BCD110x4 12-12s Outer
ROTOR Q Rings BCD110x4 12-11s

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     Sizes  54/42  |  54/39  |  53/39  |  52/36  |  50/34  |  46/36
     BCD  110x4
     Weight  155,5 g (50/34T)  |  123,5 g (50T)  |  32 g (34T)
     Ovality  12.5 %
     Chainline  43.9 mm (standard axle)  |  46.4 mm (offset axle)
     Material  7075-T6 aluminum alloy 100% CNC-machined

     Cranks compatible

    All ROTOR cranks using spider BCD 110x4. All ROTOR cranks using INspider power meter. Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-R9200-P, FC-R9200, FC-R9100. Shimano® Ultegra® FC-R8100, FC-R8000.
     Groupsets compatible  Shimano® 2x12s & 2x11s  |  SRAM® 2x11s
     Chains compatible  12s & 11s chains


    *Cranks arms, axle, chainring bolts, spider & power meter not included.

    **In some cases, to obtain a full compatibility between Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-R9200-P, FC-R9200 or Ultegra® FC-R8100 cranks, Shimano® 2x12s groupsets and ROTOR chainrings could be necessary to install 0,5 mm washer in the right side of the axle. 

    More Information
    Discipline Cyclocross, Gravel, Road, Triathlon
    BCD 110x4
    Compatible Crankset Brand ROTOR, Shimano
    Compatible Crankset Model 2INpower, INpower, INspider, ALDHU Carbon, ALDHU, ALDHU24, VEGAST, VEGAST24, Dura-Ace R9000, Ultegra R6800, 105 R5800, Dura-Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000, 105 R7000
    Compatible Groupsets Shimano 2x12s, Shimano 2x11s, Sram 2x11s
    Speeds 11s, 12s
    Number of chainrings 2X
    Chainring Shape Oval
    Chainring Type Outer, Inner
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