Replacement for Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner. Effetto Mariposa. EMCHMCR

Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner Replacement Kit

Chain Degreaser Allpine Extra

Chain Degreaser Allpine Extra

Cog Brush Effetto Mariposa. EMCHCOGB

Cog Brush

Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner Replacement Kit


Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner Replacement Kit. This kit allows you to replace the parts subject to normal wear of Mangiacatena, extending its lifespan.

Contains all brushes and two lamellar elements.

Easy to assamble.

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Easy to assemble:

Replacing the brushes inside the Mangiacatena is very simple. For lamellar elements, which are glued, it may be necessary to use a cutter or flathead screwdriver to remove the old elements. To glue the new ones, we recommend using normal hobby glue for repairing inner tubes.

Leave to dry for a few hours before using Mangiacatena.

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