Energy Boost Caffeine Gel 24 units x 42g

Energy Boost Caffeine 24 units * 42g

ROCKs Caffeine Free Gel XXL 24 units x 65g

ROCK´S CAFFEINE FREE Gel XXL 24units * 65 g

Energy Boost Orange Gel 24 units x 42g

Energy Boost Orange 24 units * 42g

Energy Boost Caffeine 24 units * 42g

Energy Boost Caffeine Gel from Victory Endurance. Combination in gel form of complex and simple carbohydrates, caffeine, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins to delay fatigue and improve performance during exercise. With caffeine and Guarana that reduces the sensation of tiredness and optimizes metabolism.

Energy and Performance!

  • Advanced formula with Caffeine provides energy during exercise.
  • Delays fatigue and improves performance
  • Ergonomic packaging
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Carbo Optimum Complex: mixture of carbohydrates of the three Glycemic Indexes (high, medium and low) in the right proportions (1:2:1) to avoid Glucose peaks. Fast and long-lasting energy.

Caffeine and Guarana: Ingredient with proven ergogenic action, that is, it improves performance. In the short term because it stimulates the CNS (Central Nervous System) increasing our ability to concentrate, etc. but in reality it helps us in the long term because it activates the metabolism of fats, and it improves muscle contraction.

L-Arginine: Amino acid precursor of Nitric Oxide, an important vasodilator that allows us to improve the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. In addition, this amino acid is very important in the processes of elimination of toxins that are generated during sports practice.

L-Taurine: Amino acid that improves osmoregulation processes, essential in endurance sports. It improves the assimilation of the rest of nutrients.

Electrolytes: In endurance sports, re-establishing the electrolyte balance of the cell is essential for a good muscular response. The most important are:

  • Potassium: Fundamental in the transport of glucose to the muscle cell.
  • Magnesium: It is part of more than 300 enzymes, it is related to the transmission of the nervous impulse, muscular contraction/relaxation and production of ATP (energetic molecule).
  • Sodium and Chlorine: They are essential for the correct regulation of water balance.
  • Vitamins B6 and B1: Important in protein and carbohydrate metabolism respectively.
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Discipline Cyclocross, Enduro, eEnduro, eMTB, Fixie, Gravel, MTB, Off Road, Road, Track, Triathlon, Urban
Nutrition Categories Carbohydrates
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