Morgan Blue Competition 1 200cc. MB-43502025

Competition 1

Morgan Blue Competition 2 200cc. MB-43502525

Competition 2

Competition 1


Morgan Blue Competition 1 is a mild pre-sports warm-up oil that helps warm up muscles. It stimulates blood flow and helps prevent lactic acid build-up.

The oil generates heat quickly after application and acts with natural warmers that do not redden the skin.

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- 200cc container

- It is a 100% natural product without preservatives

- Use the "Purifying Lotion". Morgan Blue to remove this product

- Wash hands thoroughly after application.

- Store in a cool place

- Avoid contact with eyes

- Do not apply on open wounds or damaged skin

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Discipline Cyclocross, Enduro, eEnduro, eMTB, Fixie, Gravel, MTB, Off Road, Road, Track, Triathlon, Urban
Size 200cc
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